Statement of Support of Dr. Augie E. Fuentes, DSSC President to CHED on the Adoption of Flexible Learning



More than ever, we need to step up to survive and thrive in the New Normal. It is incredible to see how quickly we have move away from business as usual. The good thing on this crisis is that it is not a struggle of DSSC alone, but all of the HEIs locally, of the whole country and even the whole world. It is the right time to help each other, collaborate and share best experiences adaptable to certain HEI.


We need to motivate our people, the faculty and staff, our client and partners to never give up despite this seemingly insurmountable challenge. We need to create breakthrough strategies & motivate team to execute these strategies. Despite the physical isolation, we need to recognize that this time is the best time to connect with people. We have to accept the new realities and strive to stay on course. “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance with the rain” according to Vivian Greene


Davao del Sur State College commits to continue to adopt Flexible Learning in this time when students and teachers must be protected from the risks of COVID-19. As we assessed our students’ accessibility to technology and their location, we decided to adopt the Flexible Learning as the framework of our Learning Continuity Plan. Flexible Learning ensures the continuity of accessible and inclusive education in the time of pandemic. It also provides opportunities for pedagogical innovation for our teachers. And most importantly, it addresses our students’ various needs in terms of process, and products of learning as Flexible Learning allow them to learn where and when it suits them.


In light of the continuing health risks brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, we support the implementation of Flexible Learning in Higher Education Institutions espoused by the Commission on Higher Education. Together with our students, teachers, academic officials and other stakeholders, Davao del Sur State College moves forward with Flexible Learning as the “better way to go.”