Vice President Sarah Z. Duterte's

Solidarity Message







Assalamualaikum. Let me congratulate the Commission on Higher Education, the Philippine Normal University, and the research teams from the University of Southeastern Philippines, Cebu Normal University, and West Visayas State University on the success of this research initiative geared towards improving the pre-service teacher education program in the country.


When I presented the Basic Education Report last month, I emphasized that the problems we have in education quality are not the fault of our teachers, whose dedicationm, integrity, and commitment to serving Filipino children and the country strengthens our collective effort to achieve our shared dreams for our learners.


We need to rethink pre-service teacher education - one of the most important commitments in our MATATAG education agenda.


We need to rethink our policies, practices, and strategies and link pre-service and in service teacher education in the same quality continuum, based on the Philippine Professional Standards of Teachers.


I count on the Philippine Normal University, as the country's National Center for Teacher Education and advisor to the Teacher Education Council, with the 3NS or the National Network of Normal Schools, to lead in this area. I also urge our high-performing teacher education institutions to support other institutions, so they are able to produce quality pre service teacher graduates.


As Chair of the Teacher Education Council, I look forward to a solid, purposive set of next steps to improve the quality of teaching in the Philippines. I enjoin all partners, both in the private and public sectors, to work with us as we take bold steps to strengthen our future teachers and the Filipino workforce.


Lahat - para sa Diyos, sa bayan, ta sa bawat pamilyang Pilipino.







Vice president of the Philippines

Secretary of the Department of Education



February 13, 2023

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