DSSC Sta. Cruz extension campus

to hold local entrance examination





It’s a race against time for Davao del Sur State College (DSSC) and the Local Government Unit of the Municipality of Sta. Cruz, as they meet once again for a “Pre-implementation Planning for Sta. Cruz Extension Campus” at the DSSC Boardroom on May 11, 2023.


The to be established DSSC Sta. Cruz. Extension campus plans to offer three (3) bachelor’s degree Programs specifically Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT), BS Agri-Business, and Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics (BSED-Math).


PSDS Dr. Danillo Canda amicably delivered Sta. Cruz mayor’s words of insistence in opening the extension campus effectively this coming Academic Year 2023-2024, stating the matter as ‘non-negotiable’, as they are very eager to deliver service to the people of Sta. Cruz.


The assemblage consisting of DSSC’s pool of Administrators and Sta. Cruz LGU officials/representatives engaged in a thorough discussion of the programs offered, program description, curriculum description, program’s educational objectives, possible program outcomes, future opportunities, required facilities, and admission policies and qualifications.


At the same time, Dr. Felomino Alba, Information Communication Technology Center Director, gave the Sta. Cruz team of Engineers and Architect, a tour around the campus, showing the building design and structures that may be applicable in the Sta. Cruz extension campus.


PSDS Dr. Hazel Luna and Sta. Cruz LGU representative Atty. Charlotte Gallego expressed their concerns regarding the number of enrollees that may surpass the number they can accommodate in their limited facilities. They worry that the free education might entice more people than they can sustain.


Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Siverlyn Camposano, and Vice President for Budget and Finance Dr. Luciano D. Nasibog pointed that DSSC Sta. Cruz must be strict in accepting future students and only according to the allotted number sustainable by the budget DSSC main campus can provide.


As DSSC Sta. Cruz have only initially prepared three classrooms, it has been suggested that they modify the local Senior High classrooms to be used, during the night class they plan to offer.


DSSC Sta. Cruz have the limited slot of 160 students, 40 for BSIT morning class, 40 for BSIT night class, 40 for BSAB and 40 for BSED-Math, and according to standard, would only be accepting the top 40 during the entrance exam, for each specific program, to be given the chance to enjoy the free tuition program of DSSC.


DSSC Admission and Scholarship office plans to deliver the entrance examination to Sta. Cruz in May 19 and 26, 2023, exclusive only for the locals.

(Cyril Abuloc/DSSC PRIO)