DSSC Joins AACCUP Accreditors’ Samahan 2023




Davao Del Sur State College continues to uphold its commitment to excellence in education, contributing actively to the advancement of quality assurance practices in higher education institutions, joining the AACCUP Accreditors’ Samahan 2023, on November 21-23, 2023, at the SMX Convention Center in Manila, Pasay City, bannering "Sustaining Quality Assurance: Mobilizing Accreditors for Hybrid Assessment in the New Normal."


The three-day convention provided a platform for insightful discussions on various aspects of quality assurance in higher education, addressing key objectives during the event, including the internationalization and world ranking of higher education institutions, the preparation for SMART accreditation, and the future directions of quality assurance in higher education.


The participants gained valuable insights into the ASEAN University Network (AUN), -who became an official partner of AACCUP during said event, - an association focusing on advancing curriculums, assuring quality in higher education, and promoting academic and research collaboration. A collaboration that aims to elevate the quality assurance of state colleges and universities across the Philippines.


The convention also featured a presentation by the President of Batangas State University, highlighting the development of smart campuses by integrating technologies such as IoT, AI, and machine learning. The discussion emphasized the importance of digitalization and smartification in revolutionizing 21st-century education.


Participants were also introduced to the Philippine Quality Award (PQA), aligning international standards to foster a culture of quality assurance in state colleges and universities. The PQA framework, as the highest accreditation in the Philippines, was thoroughly discussed, emphasizing its six-step process and numerous criteria items.


During workshops, accreditors advised the incorporation of gender and development, as well as internationalization, into quality assurance accreditation instruments.


The event successfully paved ways for collaborative partnership among accreditors, paving the way for future quality assurance collaborations.


The event was attended by DSSC President, Dr. Augie E. Fuentes, along with VPAA, Dr. Siverlyn M. Campsano; DI, Dr. Cherry Ann P. Roxas; and QA Head, Roayda S. Hasim.