DSSC partners with Northern Iloilo State University 




Davao del Sur State College (DSSC) and Northern Iloilo State University (NISU) formalized a partnership through the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement, at the Northern Iloilo State University, on December 4, 2023.


The Northern Iloilo State University will be adopting DSSC’s electronic Human Resource Information System (e-HRIS) developed by DSSC’s ICT Center. By subscribing to DSSC's innovative e-HRIS, NISU aims to streamline and enhance its human resource management processes, fostering efficiency and modernization within the university's administrative functions.


Furthermore, this event also paved the way for a Benchmarking Activity with NISU on Universityhood. With NISU’s recent conversion from a State College to a University, DSSC hopes to learn and be guided by NISU’s journey in its preparation towards Universityhood.


This collaborative effort reflects a forward-thinking approach to technology integration in education and demonstrates how partnerships between academic institutions can lead to shared advancements and improved operational systems.