Davao del Sur State College Mountain Biking Team Excels in Philippine National Championship




The Davao del Sur State College Mountain Biking Team has once again brought pride and glory to the college, as they proved their skills paired with staunch determination, during Philippine National Championships.


The stakes were high as a lineup of 75 participants, hailing from various cities and provinces across the Philippines fiercely raced over trails and obstacle courses.


Rexar John R. Nervida showed his prowess and tenacity as he clinched the 2nd Place in the intensely competitive field of XCO. Not to be outdone, his brother, MC John Paul Nervida, pedaled through and has secured the 8th Place. Proving the skills and talent that flows through their veins, these brothers have greatly demonstrated exceptional skills and resilience in the racing track.


Furthermore, their teammates Edison Canada and Leonard Agaravante, have also claimed the 9th and 10th Placer spots respectively, while Rhuz Juliane Bucod has secured a Qualifier spot proving his mettle, and earning recognition among the finest athletes in the nation.


With eyes set on international rankings and Olympic qualification, this triumph propels our team closer to their dreams. Using this experience as a stepping stone to further develop their talent, skills, and resilience in the field.


Photo credit: LLMV Photography| DSSC Sports Development Office