DSSC Facilitates Project Meeting for "Hog Manure: From Waste to Asset" 




Davao del Sur State College hosted the ‘Hog Manure: From Waste to Asset’ Project meeting at the DSSC Boardroom on March 20, 2024.


Representatives from the Agricultural Training Institute-International Training Center on Pig Husbandry (ATI-ITCPH), Sorosoro Ibaba Development Cooperative, and PUM Netherlands, headed by PUM Field Trial Senior Expert Bram Wouters, took the lead in the discussion of the utilization of hog manure in the Agricultural field.


With his in-depth knowledge in studying hog manure and its beneficial usage, while in partnership with other SUCs, provided Mr. Wouters an extensive knowledge in the field. He shared his knowledge and provided invaluable expertise and experiences in dealing with tropical animal husbandry – a practice that vastly differs from his home country. Wouters also relayed the project’s aim to further study the processes and application of hog manure, to be fully utilized as an agricultural resource.


The subsequent open forum provided a platform for an engaging discussion and exchange of knowledge, and experience related to the utilization of hog manure, among the visitors and attending faculty members and faculty researchers.


DSSC also led the visitors in a tour to a farm site for further discussion of the project.


This meeting aims to bridge a collaborative partnership between attending organizations, with the goal of advancing sustainable agricultural practices.