DSSC Hosts 'Inclusive Legal Forum on Bawal Bastos Law' with Cor Jesu College Law Students





Davao del Sur State College - Gender and Development Office welcomed Law Student Practitioners from Cor Jesu College for an ‘Inclusive Legal Forum on Bawal Bastos Law’, on March 22, 2024, at the DSSC Minitheater.


Led by their supervising attorney, Atty. Jelyne S. Guadalupe, the key provisions of the Philippines’ ‘Bawal Bastos Law’, officially known as the Safe Spaces Act or R.A No. 11313, were separated into different subtopics by the attending Law Student Practitioners and were carefully explained to the attending DSSC employees. 


The lectures on the forum included rationalizations of the Bawal Batos Law’s substantive content that includes the Definition of Sexual Harassment: A breakdown of what happens daily that may fall under Sexual Harassment, committed through verbal, non-verbal, or physical means, and unwanted and unwelcomed actions such as catcalling, wolf-whistling, lewd gestures, and persistent demand for personal details. Safe Spaces: A law mandated the creation of areas where individuals are protected from sexual harassment, including public places, schools, workplaces, and online. Responsibilities of Establishments and Institutions: Adopted measures required by the law for the formerly mentioned establishments and Institutions to prevent and address sexual harassment. Penalties: If proven guilty of sexual harassment, perpetrators may face fines ranging from Php 1,000 to Php 500,000 and/or imprisonment for up to 6 months to 6 years, depending on the gravity of the crime committed. Protection of Victims: To ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the victims through legal process. Responsibility of Government Agencies: Government Agencies are tasked to enforce the provisions of the law and provide support for sexual harassment victims.


With well-versed lectures and thought-provoking interaction between the lecturers and attendees, the event provided a valuable platform for DSSC to gain insights into promoting awareness and understanding crucial legal obligations, as the college remains steadfast in upholding principles of justice and equality for all.


In attendance were Supervising Admin Officer Engr. Clara Acebes, OSAS Director, Dr. Jeric Anthony Arnado, faculty members, and DSSC-posted security personnel.