DSSC Concludes 3-Day Internal Quality Audit


The three-day Internal Quality Audit of Davao del Sur State College initiated by the Office of Quality Assurance successfully ended in a formal Closing Meeting at the DSSC Minitheater on March 27, 2024.


Internal Audit findings was presented by QA Committee Team Leader Dulce Marie Martinez. Internal Auditors reported cases of Good Practices and Observations, observed by different offices and process owners. A few numbers of inconsistencies and lacking details in certain areas was also found in the processes from different Offices and was carefully addressed, followed by an instruction on the proper actions that should be taken. 


Notably, this IQA will provide process owners and offices an opportunity to improve the quality management system for the upcoming ISO accreditation.


This audit sought to ascertain the adherence and implementation of each process owner/office of the DPM, aiming to verify the effectiveness of the current quality management system in meeting specified objectives.