Information Communication Technology Center

1 .Davao del Sur State College | ISSP Information System Strategic Plan 2020-2022

ICTC Vision/ Mission Statement A.1 ICTC MANDATE Develop, design, deploy and maintain automation systems processes of Davao del Sur State College from Manual to Automation compliant to FIRE Fourth Industry Revolution. Deliver the automation form administrative functions and academic in support to College Development Goals, Plans and VMGO. FUNCTIONS

1. Establish secure Facilities of Data-Storage and Back-up

2. Design and Implement System automation and System Upgrades

3. Create a Contingency Plan for System Repository and Emergency Back-up

4. Establish linkages among government and private ICTC teams.

5. Implement a dynamic ICTC-Team Staff development plan

6. Established Structured Network and Inter-Connectivity

A.2 ICTC Vision Statement “Technologically-driven ICT-Center responsive to FIRE-Fourth Industry Revolution in the ASEAN Region”

A.3 ICTC Mission Statement “Information Communication Technology Center – ICTC is committed to automates processes with multi layering data security, phone driven services, wireless communication systems and innovative driven services establishing a SMARTer-Davao del State College environment that innovatively responding to innovative experiences of services and processes.”

A.3 Major Final Output

MFO 1 : Systems Automation

MFO 2 : Structured Inter-Connectivity Network

MFO 3 : Learning Management System

MFO 4 : Phone Driven Application and Website Support System.

Year 2020 2021 2022 Total Amount
Total Investment 29,745,000 7,330,000 2,940,000 49, 050, 000