Unleashing the Power of the Youth: NSTP DS CCTS Online Registration
It has been woven into the tapestry of the three Greek Fates that the global glamour and glitz will be annihilated by the penumbra of a blisteringly vicious virus, the COVID-19. Upon the supremacy of the waves of darkness, an immense beauty of light came to the surface of the vast land of humanity as the youth of today's generation unleash their power to accommodate the needs of the community.
In the light of the global pandemic, the DSSC NSTP-enrolled students actively exercise their civic participation through assisting and helping the citizens of their community in the Davao del Sur COVID-19 Contact Tracing System or DS CCTS Online Registration. With the theme "Youth Can Help: Responsive to the Needs the Community Face", the NSTP-organized activity was able to generate a massive number of DS CCTS registrants as students helped a total of 4, 336 residents of the Province of Davao del Sur.
The DSSC NSTP Coordinator, Madam Cherry B. Corpin, together with the NSTP instructors, gracefully encouraged the students to take part and exercise the power of their roles in supporting the province's efforts against the growing concern on the increasing COVID-19 positive cases. Moreover, the students were also encouraged to assist and educate others as their share of help to the community. Including the students, the total CCTS registrants and card acquisition reached at 5, 640 collectively.
National Service Training Program or NSTP aims to promote civic consciousness among the youth and inculcate in them the spirit of nationalism and advance their involvement in public and civic affairs. In DSSC, the components ROTC or Reserved Officers' Training Corps, which was designed to provide military training to tertiary level students, and CWTS or Civic Welfare Training Service that is composed of programs and activities contributing to the general welfare of the community, were implemented.
The said NSTP activity is in accordance with the Provincial Ordinance 20-60, an Ordinance Implementing the Davao del Sur COVID-19 Contact Tracing System. Further, the DS CCTS is highly crucial in these times as it helps provide a fast and efficient way of gathering pieces of information relevant to determining COVID-19 signals of asymptomatic and symptomatic individuals entering the premise of various institutions within the province.
The province might have been challenged by the effects of COVID-19 pandemic, but the DSSC freshmen students enrolled in NSTP are on the move in unleashing their powers to support the province's goal to flatten the curve.
Article by: Renpord B. Lecera
Photo Credits: ROTC Unit and CWTS Instructors